Why Bluedot? Trust.

At Bluedot Payments, it's our mission to develop a one-on-one relationship with all of our clients, each being assigned their own dedicated card processing proffesional. At Bluedot, you are more than just a number on a screen. Our card processing professionals are trained to be the go-to-person for your processing needs. We even offer yearly reviews to reward customer loyalty by lowering your rates.

Credit Card Purchase


In an industry that is known for not delivering on its promises, we have taken the worry and guesswork out of the process. Every quote we put out is backed by an ironclad guarantee that ensures you are saving money. Since we put ourselves on the hook for delivering for our clients and we aren’t in the business of losing clients, we are highly motivated to make sure every client gets exactly what they are promised. As an industry mogul we take great pride in bucking the status quo by ensuring we have more skin in the game than our client. We don’t want to just earn your business with a fly by night sales pitch—we want to earn it every day of the year. Contact us for guarantee details.


Nobody wants to deal with the headache of babysitting their card processor. From switching terminals to switching POS, to understanding your bill, there’s a lot that could overwhelm even the most astute business owner. That’s why we strive each day to make every interaction a simple one. Let us do all the legwork for you, because quite frankly it’s our job to make your life easier and not harder. We prefer to work quietly in the background so you can focus on what is most important, your business. We are involved every step of the way so you don’t have to be. We are confident that 10 minutes of your time with us is equal to hours of your time with another company. That means by the time you’re done researching us on this site, we could have saved you hours of your valuable time AND MONEY over your current processor. So the only thing you have to lose is more time and more money. Reach out today and see what it feels like to have a processing company who finally works for you.


Have you ever gone to call your card processor, the company that signed you up, only to find out its an entirely different company you need to speak with about an issue? You get there and have to be redirected to another company for something as simple as a billing inquiry? If you think that’s as stupid as we do then you’ve come to the right place. Bluedot Payments is your one stop shop for all your processing needs. Need tech support? Text, call or email us. We respond promptly to all three. Question about your bill? Same thing. Looking to upgrade equipment? You guessed it. Same thing. ATM’s, giftcards, e-commerce, working capital, PCI compliance, EMV compliance and the list goes on. You see, we have tripled down on the idea that if we go against the grain and deliver the kind of customer support our clients deserve, we will be set apart in an industry that is notorious for passing the buck and making it someone else’s problem. Anything that falls in our sphere of responsibility, we own it. Let us show you what it feels like to truly have a partner who is as vested in your business’ success as you are.


Man, technology is moving fast these days! Every time we turn around there is some new gadget or app to enhance the quality of our lives and our business. POS systems are becoming more and more vital for a business to remain competitive. If you haven’t upgraded yet, there’s no doubt you have thought about what the addition might mean for your business. The tough part is what solution best meets business’ needs? Every business is different, just as every POS system is different; each offering their own blend of features. Luckily you’ve stumbled across a company that is known for its expertise in cutting edge POS solutions.  Let us help you make the best decision for your business. We know, we know...this stuff ain’t cheap either. That’s why when you bundle with Bluedot you still save. That’s right! Bundle your POS purchase with your processing and we will get you that shiny new POS FREE. Pretty sweet offer. You should probably look into it!